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Brief About MEPMA
1.Total SHGs 1908,

2.Total SHG Members 18,349

3.)Total SLFs 75.
5.Captial Infusion: Capital Infusion sanctioned 1791 SHGs with an amount of Rs.39453000.00

6.Vaddi Leni Runalu: received an amount of 2.81 croces and disbursed to 1068 SHGs
7.Street Vendors. Total Surveyed 625, uploaded 617

8.Formation of SHGs: The Target is 81 So far 17 SHGs are formed Remaining SHGs will be formed soon.

9.NULM_SEP-Individual- Target 166, 37 applications are forwarding to the Banks. So far 25 Sanctions are received, and 19 grounded SEP- Groups: 3 Action taken will be soon

10. Trainings: Training to SHGs Members and Capital Infusion Training Completed

11. IG Activities : Weaving, Leather pupates, garbage autos etc.,

12. SLF//TLF EC&OB trainings completed

13. SLF/ RP trainings completed

14. SLF/TLF Registration and auditing:- 68 SLFs Registrations completed remaining 7 SLF proposal submitted to DCM office. TLF registered.

15.Disabled SHG Formation: So far 4 SHGs are formed
16.ESTP: Tailoring training started soon

17.Bangarutalli: 688 Beneficiaries registered 639 Eligible

18.AABY: Total Members registered 4977 and 4977 members registered in online

19. SUH: Shelter for Urban Homeless is Started on 02.10.2015

20.City Livelihood Centre is Started

21.Samasyala Pariskara Kendram functioning Totally 59 Cases Solved during 2015-16.
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